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JSKS Server Setup on CentOS/Redhat

Post by :    Date : 2014-11-30 02:36:13

Step-by-step Kickstart Server Configuration on CentOS/Redhat

Configure FTP/HTTP/NFs server

Step # 1 - Install vsftpd/httpd/nfs packages


// If you have yum server 
[root@jsks01 ~]#yum install vsftpd* 

// Using CD/DVD 
[root@jsks01 ~]# rpm -ivh vstpd* 

// --url="

//  You can configure according to yours needs 
[root@jsks01 ~]#  vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf 

// Verify the status
[root@jsks01 ~]# service vsftpd start|restart 

// Check if the service  
[root@jsks01 ~]# chkconfig --list vsftpd 

// To make available onboot

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Introduction to Virtualization

Post by :    Date : 2014-11-30 02:03:40

Introduction to Virtualization

Virtualization is a generic umbrella term what an include anything's from social networks to simulated realties. For us the context is Data Center Virtualization encompassing Server, Network, Storage and Firewall Virtualization.

What is a Hypervisor?

Hypervisor or Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) a piece of software which is responsible for the life-cycle of a Virtual Machine. Virtual Machine is a guest OS running on a hypervisor with all the required resources ( CPU, RAM, HDD, NICs, etc).

Types of Hypervisors

Type 1 or Bare-Metal

- Runs on the Metal 
- Very low overhea 

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